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Need Your Stimulus Payments?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Did you know you could obtain The First and Second Stimulus Payment Added to Your 2020 Tax Return?

Many taxpayers for one reason of the other did not received the first or second stimulus payment. The IRS is currently working on issuing the third stimulus payment, so for this payment you will have to wait. But you can claim the 1st or second on your 2020 taxes.

Where can I check the Status of the Latest Stimulus Payment?

The best way to check the status of your stimulus payment is by going directly to the IRS webpage. You will need your social security number, address, date of birth to check.

When will I receive the Third Payment?

Each week the IRS is sending the third payments to eligible individuals as we continue to process tax returns. Payments are sent by direct deposit or mail as a check or debit card. If you haven’t received one yet, it doesn’t mean you won’t.

We can help you with that, please call us today 301-363-2668

Written by: Yoscaisa Jorge, Esq.

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